Comic for Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022


Posted January 18, 2022 at 12:54 am

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Especially not with a full backpack hanging on one leg. SO many ways that could go wrong.

With THAT out of the way...


I'm soooo happy this comic exists. I really, REALLY wanted to do this comic (and the next one), but I wasn't sure I could pull off Grace walking on her hands like this.

I had four things to figure out:

1 - What happen with her outfit when upside down?

Answer: The shirt is long enough to be affected by gravity while still (mostly) covering Grace.

2 - What does she do with her hair to keep it from being under her hands (and on the gross floor)?

Answer: She puts her hair up in a way that effectively shortens it. I assume actually doing so would be more complicated than presented, but whatever. Grace, ah, found a way.

3 - What does hand walking even look like?

Answer: Thank you, YouTube! Also, holy carp, people RACE like this.

4 - How carry backpack?

Answer: Once I figured out 3, it was just a matter of deciding which leg it would be hanging on.