Comic for Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021


Posted December 21, 2021 at 1:24 am

I waffled a bit on how to go about things in this storyline, particularly at this moment. This is in large part because I am fully aware that this is all happening a little quickly. For Grace's behavior to really get noticed and become news, it really should take a few days, at least.

That would work very easily if this were text only, but conveying that passage of time gets awkward in comic form. As a comic, it works better to say "nuts to time and space, let's get on with this".

I'm not claiming to be a master at this sort of thing (far from it), but the medium in which a story is being told will impact some of the logic of that story. What works in a book might not work in a TV series, what works in a TV series might not work in a movie, and what works in a movie might not work in, um... A limerick?

Too long, didn't read, yes, rumors spread all sorts of fast at Moperville high schools.

There are more reasons for rampant waffles, but I'll elaborate on all those waffles when they're more relevant, and I REALLY hope I have some waffles left, because I suddenly very much want waffles for breakfast.