Comic for Tuesday, Jul 31, 2018


Posted July 31, 2018 at 12:49 am
Hey, it worked for Link in the first Legend of Zelda game.

It's so out of character for Justin to tell Gracemander to do something like this that part of me STILL desperately wants to add the word "please" in there somewhere, but there's just something so decadent about removing the minor inconvenience of a small tree one has no claim of ownership of by cutting it down, and I felt the request should reflect that.

Granted, future generations of games replaced small trees with I think thorn bushes, and that's a bit more understandable to remove, but a bit odder to simply have a monster cut down somehow. I mean, you don't just chop and get right at the base of a thorn bush. I imagine you'd have to trim it down significantly and gradually with something like clippers.

Though I guess that would be cutting. Huh. Still, I assume it's some sort of weird "cut with the air" martial arts move to get rid of thorn bushes. If they have to actually make physical contact, well... OW?