Comic for Saturday, Mar 2, 2024


Posted March 2, 2024 at 12:00 am

Of course Ashley has cat ears again. Nanase just got done telling her to indulge.

"Want" as a word is a bit confusing at times, and the simplest example is anything anyone does for their own good that they don't enjoy doing. They "want" to do it, because it's good for them, but they DON'T "want" to do it, because they don't like doing it.

It's entirely possible I just don't know the right words, but I feel we're missing a word that specifically means "I want to do, or have, something for purely practical reasons," and a word that specifically means "I want to do, or have, something because it's something I'll enjoy doing, or like having."

In any case, Nanase wants strength boosting magic for the former, and a taller, muscular-looking form for the latter.

After Nanase and Her Fox

Unless something occurs to me over the weekend that's worth addressing, the next comic will be the last one in Nanase and Her Fox.

I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do next, but I'm thinking of taking a two week break for planning and preproduction on whatever it is.

I've been considering an EGSNP Q&A, but looking through dozens of questions I've already been given, I'm not sure how many I can / should answer.

This isn't a criticism of the questions, they're good questions.

I'm increasingly thinking, however, that I might not be able to do Q&A's like I used to.

This is in large part because, if I haven't answered it in a comic or a commentary, it's probably a spoiler, or something I haven't decided on. 

I'm increasingly conscious of the fact that I shouldn't try to establish things outside of the story itself unless it's something I consider really set in stone, and I've covered most of those things (that aren't spoilers) already.

I'm considering different formats for addressing common technical questions in an entertaining way, but haven't settled on anything yet. I'm thinking less Q&A, and more stories written around showing the answers.