Comic for Thursday, Feb 1, 2024


Posted February 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

That moment when the storyboard artist goes rogue and adds physical comedy nonsense.

I was tempted to just casually establish that Kevin can shrink people by bonking them on the head, but that felt like overcomplicating things.

Not that I'm saying he definitely can't do that. Maybe he can? It just would've derailed this comic.


I'm still getting a handle on drawing more complicated hair. If one removed sketching and resketching her bangs in panel one from the timer, this comic didn't take very long to make.

I think the end result is pretty good, but that panel three is more of a happy medium between old and new? Experimentation will continue.

Magic Beefiness

I really like comparing the building of magic power, and innate magical abilities, with exercise.

For one thing, I just think it makes sense in a system like this. You get better by using it, and you're going to plateau, or even backslide. if you only do what's easy for you.

I ALSO like it because I imagine that's enough information to get the general idea across right there. There's more to talk about regarding manipulating what spells you get, sure, but just generally getting stronger with magic?

"It's like exercise." Bam. We know what exercise is. General idea conveyed.

I would also like the exercise aspect in a system that requires more study to even know how to cast spells, because then you have a balance to maintain, and choices on what to prioritize.

You could have Edwin the wizard, expert of intricate magic, and caster of a thousand spells, but who is lacking in power.

And then you have Chad the wizard. Chad knows, like, five spells? But when he casts one of them, he REALLY casts them.