Comic for Saturday, Jan 20, 2024


Posted January 20, 2024 at 12:00 am

Because OF COURSE Ashley's mind also goes there.

Now, one might assume Fox is only smiling because she's being imagined, and that REAL Fox would be mimicking Nanase's mood. HOWEVER! It's been established that Fox smiles if she's doing a task she was assigned as part of her summoning!

What exactly that task would be in this situation, I'm not sure, but she's clearly doing it.

Because she's smiling.


I originally had Tedd provide the setup for panel two, and speak in panel three. I decided it all felt more natural coming from Kevin (in particular because it involves asking for ideas instead of providing some).

The fact that drawing a floating wand is faster than drawing a Tedd, and the fact that I was unexpectedly busy with something non-comic related, had nothing to do with this decision.

(In all seriousness, I'm honestly not sure if that resulted in any bias in Kevin's favor. I really do think this is more natural coming from Kevin, however.)

(Unless that's the "drawing a wand is easier" bias talking.)

I ALSO think it's less awkward coming from Kevin, at least if directly talking to Nanase. If Tedd actually did the talking, I think she'd be off to the side, wondering to herself, and Nanase would be overhearing.

So... Yes! I was totally justified drawing a Kevin instead of a Tedd.

Don't worry. I'm bound to draw Tedd again eventually.


Unless I can draw Kevin instead.