Comic for Thursday, Oct 19, 2023


Posted October 19, 2023 at 12:00 am

I continue to enjoy exploring differences in perception, and how different people, animals, etc. experience REALITY ITSELF!

I don't want to commit to how exactly Kevin perceives reality. For all I know, future me will have a story relevant idea for how he's doing it, and I'd rather not contradict him. He's likely older and grumpier than current me.

What I will do is point out the obvious: Kevin is a wand. He's not using eyes, noses, or feet to perceive reality.

He has, at a minimum, demonstrated a capacity to sense things about magic, and magic users. He can hear, and has what must be an accurate idea of his physical surroundings.

That last one is made extra clear by the fact that he was yet to accidentally hit anyone in the head when getting right up in people's faces while not being obvious about where he's focused.