Comic for Tuesday, Nov 16, 2021


Posted November 16, 2021 at 1:42 am

I was basically Susan in this storyline, as I've probably commented on before?

Point is, I was simultaneously "gatekeeping BULLCARP", and "I find it so weird that these people who are told they're terrible every other episode, if not every episode, say they're fans, and I sort of want to say they're not fans?"

But no, they are fans. They're just not fans I necessarily want to discuss things with in cases extreme enough for me to have had "are they REALLY fans?" thoughts.

So this was an actual exploration of that, along with showing off an episode of their show. Well, I say "was". There are two comics left in it.

All that said, I definitely relate to Elliot in this comic. "Ha ha ha you know I was joking right I meant no offense please tell me your feelings weren't hurt OH THANK GOODNESS!"