Comic for Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021


Posted November 2, 2021 at 12:00 am

"Way to rub it in, Elliot."



Of dictionaries and camera angles

I decided I wanted Susan to grab a physical dictionary from the bookcase that is now canonically on that side of the room. This is a bit of a personal reflection of myself. In spite of generally preferring digital books, I prefer my reference material to be physical. In real life, I recently ordered a big hardcover dictionary because of this.

One reason for this preference is simply so I can quickly flip back and forth between pages, and this is especially true for something like a dictionary.

In any case, that is why Susan is returning to the sofa with a book instead of checking her phone, and why she is standing in panel two.

Normally, I would have changed the angle in order to best show Susan's face. What I am doing for this part of this storyline, however, is not changing the angle of the view. I am cropping the view, effectively zooming in and out, but not changing the angle of it.

The reason for this, as one might have guessed, is because this is supposed to be Susan and Elliot's review show. Were I to change the angle, I think it would feel like the in-universe camera was off.

Basically, I'm trying to present this as close as possible to how one of their shows would be presented without going so far as keeping everything in a 16:9 aspect ratio.