Comic for Thursday, Oct 28, 2021


Posted October 28, 2021 at 12:43 am

You know, I'm not actually sure what anime I'd use as an example. I was GOING to say Fairy Tail, but then I started listing the things I liked about it, and the list was FAR too long to credibly say "I just like how some of the characters look".

I guess I'm not as superficial about Fairy Tail as I thought. Huh.

Lists are helpful!

Granted, watching something just for the attractive characters is more something younger me would've done, and if any of those were only good because of that, they haven't stayed in my memory long enough for me to mention them here.

The Fifth

Pleading the fifth very, VERY roughly means the right to refuse incriminating one’s self. Were this a trial, Elliot would effectively be refusing to testify.

For a far less rough description, please consult The Constitution of The United States.

It will be a perilous heist, full of danger and intrigue, but what do you mean you can just look it up for free what am I supposed to do with this grappling hook