Comic for Monday, May 27, 2019


Posted May 27, 2019 at 12:00 am

I forgot to draw Carol's bag, by which I mean she got tired and set it down for a bit. Obviously.


"I'm green?! Wait, I'm not? Phew! I thought maybe I was hulking out!"

Whether it's a last name, a nickname, or some sort of title, voiced NPCs need SOMETHING to call you in RPGs when you can give your character any first name you want.

In Fallout 4, one character calls you "Blue" because that's the color of the clothes worn in vaults. I wanted to reference that, so I went with Green!

It was only when I was almost finished with the comic that I realized that "Green" could be short for "Greenhorn", a bit of slang referring to someone who's new and inexperienced. I edited it from "yeah, sorry" to "'like greenhorn'? sorry" pretty much last minute.

I swear there's someone else in my brain who gets these things before I do.

It's Not Raiding!

And it's not! Sort of. Kinda.

Going after raiders / bandit / whatever camps is perfectly defensible. These are characters who kill and murder and stuff. That, and they'd totally attack you just for casually walking by. You, the player character, are super justified in taking them out.

At the same time, you've got video game feedback telling you they're murderous raiders and such in advance. Looked at from another perspective, running into a camp or settlement and attacking complete strangers for sweet loot and XP is kinda sorta, y'know... Raiding.

Which is super nitpicking, I know, and I've talked about magically knowing who is friend and foe in these games before. I've just had this thought while deliberately seeking out enemy bases in these games.