Comic for Friday, May 10, 2019


Posted May 10, 2019 at 5:10 pm

When you're friends with Grace, cuddling is the default. You have to make very clear if you don't want to sit super closely on the sofa and such, as she'll sometimes move closer without really thinking about it if she's not on guard against doing so.

As some pointed out after the last comic, an issue with turning off the compass, quest markers, etc in modern games is that the quests are designed with those existing in mind. NPCs aren't going to give you clues where to go or directions most of the time. More often, they're just going to say "go to THIS location", and then you have a quest marker.

Once reminded of this, it occurred to me that when I hid quest markers and such in Skyrim, I DID still have to consult the map. There wasn't any way around it unless directed to a major city (there *are* road signs). I did similar to what Grace does here, however, and checked the map before heading off, and avoided looking at it again unless SUPER lost or done with that quest.

I would also cast a spell called Clairvoyance, which I was fine with under the circumstances while wandering across a massive wilderness map. It would basically show you one way to go that may or may not be perfect (it used automated path finding, which could be flawed), and you were doing it with magic, so I felt it was acceptable to use on occasion. I've been told it's a bad idea to save while casting it, though, as it can leave a magic trail that'll be stuck there forever, so, um... Don't do that.

Another factor in some games are dynamic quests that can wind up sending you any number of places. When you've got voice acting and randomly selected places to go, having the NPCs describe where to go would get tricky.