Comic for Monday, Apr 15, 2019


Posted April 15, 2019 at 4:56 pm

I really like this sort of magic in games. Enemies are rushing at you, and whoosh! Suddenly they're peaceful. Or running away. Or attacking each other.

Yes, manipulating the minds of your foes isn't exactly light and fluffy morally, but neither is rushing in and setting them on fire.

Also, it's a video game, so chill.

Besides, it's not just with enemies where there's no "hang on, let's talk this through button". I've accidentally angered theoretical allies in games before, and while putting your weapons away will sometimes get the message across, that isn't always an option (and even if it is, it doesn't always work).

Just consider a good "chill" spell the equivalent of buying them an apology pint in such situations.