Comic for Monday, Apr 8, 2019


Posted April 8, 2019 at 12:00 am

I couldn't decide which open world RPG to make fun of, SO I HAVE CHOSEN ALL OF THEM.

I'm sort of writing this storyline by as I go, but not entirely. I've got a couple jokes I know I want to have, and I'm trying to write them at least three at a time.


A common issue I've had with EGSNP lately is I've felt the desire for a bit more vertical space. Too much more could result in its own problems (like the potential for a lot of empty space), so I've started with about a 6.85% increase (end result being the low-res version is 21 pixels taller).

I'll probably stick with it for this storyline for consistency, and to get a good range of testing it, but I might change it up further later.

In tribute to...

For those with supposedly better things to do than play such RolePlaying video Games, this first comic has nods to The Elder Scrolls 5, Skryim with mention of a dragon slayer, Fallout 3 with the "lone" bit (the protagonist was known as "the lone wanderer), and Fallout 1 with the quest for a means of water purification.

The dwarven ruins could also be mistaken for an Elder Scrolls reference, but I was just thinking general Tolkien-style fantasy dwarves and mountain homes with vast interiors that were kept safe, but exteriors that, well...

There WERE exploding dragons.