Comic for Saturday, Mar 30, 2024


Posted March 30, 2024 at 12:00 am

I considered using the magic not-change, in which some spells became more difficult to use, to make Rhoda slightly less overpowered. Not NOT-overpowered, she's supposed to be overpowered, but maybe LESS overpowered.

The way I wound up changing things, however? She might have to put some extra effort into doing some things, but that's something she's totally capable of doing, so... She's probably the only one who can tell the difference. It won't be apparent to us unless exposition attacks.

The main thing I was considering was a weirdly arbitrary change that would have required physical contact to transform others, but that wouldn't have been consistent with everything else in the story. It would have been just this one specific thing to adjust the Rhoda meta.

I do think it's good if distance affects how easy it is to do, however, and makes it much easier to resist. Rhoda shouldn't be able to camp on a roof somewhere and just shrink everyone below her.