Comic for Tuesday, Aug 31, 2021


Posted August 31, 2021 at 12:00 am

Carp. I didn't have either of them say their name. Okay, you probably know this, but no-glasses man is Justin, and glasses-man is Luke. Cool? Cool

Speaking of names, even if I actually do know the person's name, that's me in the last panel. I worry about getting names wrong and/or mixing people up, and it's not without merit, as I've done both more than I'd care to admit. The thing is I can be very certain and genuinely correct, and I'll still prefer to double check.

Justin's not like me in that regard, however. He's just genuinely forgotten.

Tedd might double-check, though.


There are a few reasons they're not being specific.

First, it's not actually relevant what books they're talking about.

Secondly, what they're discussing is inspired by the Star Wars expanded universe. Due to talking about what order to watch the "six" Star Wars movies in, EGS has canonically established a lack of a sequel trilogy to talk about.

Given that the sequel trilogy rendered the expanded-universe non-canon, I felt it best to just not get directly into it, as it introduces timeline concerns, and I would like this storyline to work within established EGS canon.

It's not super important in the grand scheme of things that it be canon, but I like having short storylines like this fit in the canon. I also like showing Justin and Luke disagree on something geeky without it being a catastrophic threat to their relationship or something.

I guess that's a minor spoiler, but no, this doesn't end with them becoming sworn enemies.

Thirdly, I haven't read all the books I'm using as a basis for their debate. If I were more specific, it might be unfair.

The inspiration for Justin's position was my learning of events in books past a certain point, resulting in me saying "NOPE" to reading past that point. For all I know, it's not as bad as I've assumed.


Were I being more specific, the author Justin was looking up would be Timothy Zahn, and the revitalization Justin referenced would be the original Thrawn Trilogy. Thrawn is such a big deal that they added a new version of him to the new official canon, and he's basically why I've read two of the more recent books.

The 2017 Thrawn book, also by Timothy Zahn, was excellent in my opinion, and features another character whose journey is equally fascinating and terrifying.

The other one I read was Outbound Flight (yet again by Zahn), which I was less into, but it was still interesting. It just wasn't as much for me. If I remember correctly, this was in large part due to it getting into some of the ways the Jedi order was creepy, and me being creeped out by said creepiness.

The "last book" Justin referred to would be the second book of The Hand of Thrawn duology. It is my understanding that Zahn had story conditions that had to be agreed to before he'd write it (which I will not elaborate on, because they're major spoilers), and wasn't happy with where things eventually went from there.

But That's Just Trivia

Again, none of this actually matters for this storyline. They could be arguing about whether Season Four of the TV Show Community counts, and it would be pretty much the same (except Justin would be looking up show creator Dan Harmon in the last panel, and yes, I double-checked that name even though I was sure about it).