Comic for Tuesday, Mar 29, 2022


Posted March 29, 2022 at 12:31 am

I recently had the following to say on The Twitters, which inspired this comic (even though Justin's attitude is a bit different to my own):

A question I'm asking myself more and more is "why do I care?"

Not in general, but in specific situations, such as a celebrity drama that's vaguely alluded to on Twitter. I stop, and sincerely wonder "why do I care?"

Answers in such a case tend to be things like "I want to be in on the loop", "just curious", "it's annoying that I keep seeing things without context", and "oh no I like this celebrity's work what did they do".

Oh! And "I don't care about the celebrity in question, but someone I follow has an opinion, and I want to know how I feel about the opinion of the person I actually care about."