Comic for Tuesday, Mar 22, 2022


Posted March 22, 2022 at 12:00 am

Apologies to those who don't get the video game reference!

This is a joke I've had in my head since the day I started playing Elden Ring, a recent "Souls" style game (named after the Dark Souls game. A Souls style game has a similar gameplay loop to it as those games).

In that game, there are locations of importance known as Sites of Grace.

When you find them, you are prompted to "Touch Grace". Upon doing so, "Lost Grace Discovered" triumphantly appears. You can then rest at the site of Grace.

You can see why this wound up in my head after that AND HAD TO GET OUT!

It is, in fact, the primary reason why I decided to do assorted EGSNP comics for a bit. It's not like this was fitting in a storyline. Even if I did a storyline that was an homage to Souls games, I'd need to change up the names of things, and suddenly the reference to Grace wouldn't even work.

Granted, I could just have squirrel statues that look like Grace be where you rest, which Elden Rings fans would immediately get without it needing to be the whole joke.

Figures I'd only think of that option while writing this.