Comic for Monday, Feb 12, 2018


Posted February 12, 2018 at 12:50 am

Ashley is sort of twice her normal size? I mean, she's more than that with all the extra bulk, but IGNORING THAT, she's around 1.26:1 scale, which when you consiser 3 dimensions (1.26 cubed), makes her double sized.

I mention that because "fun facts", but also because I want to make clear that that's not perspective in panel three making Ashley's head look big relative to Rhoda's. They're right next to each other in that panel. Note the size of the cards relative to Ashley in panels one and two.


I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified when this combination of cards came up in-game.

Like, I didn't actually consider how I was going to draw an elephant form. I was just like "I want to have a variety of animal forms not previously seen in the comic, and an elephant form certainly hasn't been".

Anyway, hope y'all like the nose.


There's an effect on Elephant that hasn't come up in game, which is that some cards have sizes written on them. Elephant is "Big", and has the ability that makes it so the play can choose to block the movement of regularly sized players.

This means that another Big player can get past an Elephant, and a Small player can sneak by, but a normally sized player can be stopped at the space before the Big player (in this case, they would stop moving at that 3-space in the upper left if moving clockwise).

Funnily enough, "Hippy" happens to have the same blocking ability, but doesn't make the player "big" (all it has is "may block regularly sized players"). As such, a player with Elephant can stop the movement of a player with Hippy, but a player with Hippy cannot stop the movement of a player with Elephant.

Catalina, as one might guess, counts as "Small" right now, and Mouse also counted as "Small".