Comic for Monday, Nov 27, 2017


Posted November 27, 2017 at 2:48 am

Look, I wasn't going to pass up an excuse to draw Professor Hanma in a cowgirl form. That's not a thing that was going to happen. 

Keep on moving!

Moving past the player they’re attracted to makes for better gameplay for a couple reasons.

1 - The potential to alternate between clockwise and counter-clockwise movement each turn (as opposed to constantly trailing behind a player for as long as attracted to them).

2 - Landing on the same spot as another player in a game where spaces are purchased and taken would easily result in the player with the attract effect losing whatever space they’ve just acquired rather quickly, making it a very undesirable effect to have.

3 - It would result in too many cards severely limiting player movement. The combination of "you move in THIS direction" and "you go no further than HERE" is all sorts of problematic. One or the other, with the other being on maybe on or two cards, is okay, but not both on several cards.

You know how sometimes you’re playing a game, and a mechanic makes sense lore-wise, but it isn’t fun? That’s what I would consider "you go no further than the space the player you're attracted to is on" to be like.