Comic for Monday, Oct 23, 2017


Posted October 23, 2017 at 1:00 am

For anyone who's forgotten, yes, I did design a functional board game, and the comics after this will be written based on how a playtest of it went.

It's turned out that next week will be the actual gathering of players, as I decided to use this week as an introduction to the game rules. I'm doing this in part because the rules need SOME introduction for what happens next to make sense, and this is a rare opportunity to work ahead with relative ease thanks to simple visuals in some panels (such as the board in panel two).

As Hanma says, this is just the basics, which is really most of the rules. The game itself is really simple, but card effects complicate matters, and some things just won't come up based on the playtest results this is being written around.

That pattern in the middle of the board, for example, are shortcuts certain cards can use, and minor spoiler warning, they totally never get used and will only come up in commentary.

Because of that, full details of the effects of various forms will only be mentioned in the comic if and when they become relevant, and in-commentary only after it wouldn't be a spoiler either way.