Comic for Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Posted May 24, 2017 at 1:11 am

And this is pretty much what the storyline Ellen Demo is: An assortment of non-canon scenarios of varying silliness and absurdity in which Ellen is ready and willing to use her (actually canon) spells on people. The next comic will also be addressing something noteworthy about Ellen's base beam (which will include a new bit of canon I've decided on), but we'll be moving on to fresher things next week.

And yes, that's Nanase in panel one. I'm fiendishly plotting to have har hair be fully red again at some point, and am experimenting with what she might do with her hair at that time.

While neither Rich nor Larry would want to stay in those forms forever, trust me when I say they wouldn't mind being that way for a while, at least,

Since I'm sure this will be asked, "form acclimation" refers to things like adjustments to muscle memory, sense of balance, etc, so that one has no difficulty using a new form to do things they could do before. If you can ride a bike in your old form, for example, you won't have to retrain for the new form. Also, if you happen to grow a tail or something (like actually become four legged), it'll feel far more natural than it might otherwise.

Strength and size requirements could, of course, still be an issue, and though this sort of thing does help people be much more comfortable they they might otherwise in new forms, it doesn't necessarily mean one will be totally comfortable in them.