Comic for Monday, May 1, 2017


Posted May 1, 2017 at 1:56 am

On a normal day, this comic would have been simple for me to make.

But everything changed when the (relatively) minor flooding attacked. Wait, does that work better if I blame the water nation? Is that too confusing? Everyone knows I'm referencing Avatar, right? No, not that movie, the Last Air--

Nevermind! This paraphrasing is already ruined, and I would appreciate it if we just moved on! Is that too much to ask?! Is that beyond the scope of what I should inquire within the confines of a commentary?! I don't know! I'm very tired today!

And sore! My muscles aren't used to buckets! I'm not a seal! I'm not a walrus! Buckets are not commonly included in my physical activities, but you need buckets when dealing with a (relatively) minor flooding situation! You just do! That's not up to me or you to decide! It's just objective reality fact!

Anyway, what's happening? Oh, right. These teenage nerds. Which by today's standards just means they're teenagers who looked at a comic book movie poster at some point in their lives, but I am attempting to imply more than that.

Okay, so, this storyline isn't canon. I've been very clear on that so I could make excuses for Grace being extra reckless and no other reasons whatsover. All the same, I really like the idea of there being rumors about her, and for younger regulars at the shop to reach conclusions like these. So... This might not be canon, exactly, but something close to it could easily become canon.

Also, seriously, why are buckets of water so heavy? Seriously. Work on that, buckets.

I'm sorry buckets I shouldn't judge you I'm heavy myself. and it's okay. It's okay, buckets. Respect yourselves. Be proud of your bucketness.