Comic for Friday, Apr 7, 2017


Posted April 7, 2017 at 3:23 pm

And so, the world was saved by an army of androids in various armored outfits that made Susan sigh loudly.

With this comic, we've finished answering the question of "what with the maid outfits and such". The androids like them, and the people depending on the androids want to keep them happy. The end!

I'm, uh... I'm sure all that stuff about the alien robot invasion will sort itself out, too.

One might wonder why this Susan was so insistent on GR4-C3 wearing a certain thing when our Susan was so opposed to a school dress code and the like. The answer is that there is a huge difference between rules regarding civilian clothing and rules regarding military uniforms.

For one thing, military uniforms follow particular standards that help keep the people who wear them alive. For another, someone on Twitter told me non-uniformed combatants would be in violation of The Geneva Convention. That sounds like something that convention wouldn't like, and it was on Twitter, so I assume that's most definitely true.