Comic for Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017


Posted March 22, 2017 at 1:01 am

Wow. Writer's Block is HUGE in chibi form. I mean, he sort of has to be short of putting him on various pieces of furniture to interact with non-block people, but...

Wait a minute. He could have had a jet pack. He SHOULD have had a jet pack! Everything is better with jet packs! I will live with this failure forever.

Anyhoo, yeah. Allied settlers and companions in Fallout 4 will just equip whatever you tell them to at the drop of a hat (presumably their hats). If you want an entire settlement full of people wearing nothing but chef' hats, that's an option, and not one of them will mind. You'd think it would have SOME effect on happiness ratings.

Same deal with companions, meaning if all you want is their outfit, you can convince them to join you, take their gear, dismiss them, and never see them again.

At the very least, I make a point of running off with a certain reporter's hat that gives +1 intelligence. I assume they'd be mad about it, but I replace it with a newboy cap, and with them no longer getting the intelligence bonus, they presumably can't tell the difference.