Comic for Friday, Feb 10, 2017


Posted February 10, 2017 at 1:00 am

Been a while since I've used the old "oh SNAP!" graphic.

It feels good. It feels RIGHT.

As for what the heck did happen in the previous comic and why the enchantments all simultaneously ended like that, the reasoning behind it was established earlier in the storyline, and will be confirmed before the storyline is over. I say this in case anyone wants to guess and possibly feel like they deserve cookies later.

This being a drawn comic, I have the advantage of being able to totally ignore where walls would be and set up my "camera" wherever the heck I like. I imagine if this were a live action TV show or something, they'd have to build a fake set dressing room with removeable walls.

Granted, I guess that'd be easy to pull off for professionals. Were someone who worked on the set of Friends to read this, they'd probably be like "yeah, I could build one of those real easy. No big deal. Why you making a big thing of it?" Well, I'll TELL you why, hypothetical individual who worked on the set of Friends!

Because I have to put something in these commentaries, and that's what came to mind. So THERE.