Comic for Friday, Jan 20, 2017


Posted January 20, 2017 at 6:18 pm

Fantasy panels: Allowing the characters to keep their moral compass while letting me draw whatever since 2002 (tomorrow, the 21st, is the 15th anniversary of EGS, by the way. Huzzah!).

I had figured this comic would be relatively simple with just Kitty moprphs and Rhoda's face, but then I realized the second panel really needed a detailed background (complete with a person) to provide a sense of scale, and the first and third would panels would also need backgrounds for consistency. Wheeee...

(Though I'm mostly happy with him given the circumstances, so for real wheee)

Being an improvisational sort of storyline, it occurred to me that Rhoda could do something to delay Kitty before I'd decided on what she might do and whether she'd be willing to do it. Panels two and three are options I considered her actually doing, while panel one I never even once seriously consiered because seriously.

So what is a Rhoda to do? Fear not! She shall think of something! Just hopefully something other than tripping Catalina!