Comic for Friday, Nov 18, 2016


Posted November 18, 2016 at 3:44 pm

 And thus ends Part 2 of Escape From The Mall!

What, you didn't know this was part 2? Well, neither did I! I was thinking I should make the next part of the story part 2, but then I realized they'd been in this dressing room for 15 out of 32 comics total in the storyline, so... yeah. Part 2 now officially begins when they get in there.

Anyway, this whole "which entrance thing has totally happened to me on several occasions. It's usually because I have a favored entrance to such places, but there'll be times when I'll park elsewhere for whatever reason, and I'll get to where I'm used to going, start to wonder if maybe my car's been stolen, and then slap my forehead upon realzing that my car's on the opposite side of the place.