Comic for Monday, Oct 31, 2016


Posted October 31, 2016 at 1:01 am

"Come to think of it, do you even have functional pockets? We are women, after all. Clothing manufacturer's don't seem to think we need those."

My general rule when differences in scale are involved is that perspective should be emphasized and taken to extremes, except in cases in which clarity of actual relative size is necessary. Panels two and three are all about emphasizing relative hugeness / smallness, while panel four is just like "yeah, that's how big Catalina is right now."

What I find interesting is that the stylized proportions of the characters sort of makes Catalina appear to be a smaller scale than she is (to me, anyway).

She's meant to be at 1/7 scale, which is pretty small. She looks a bit smaller than that, however, because thanks to the stylized proportions, she's relatively smaller than she would be otherwise when compared to Rhoda's head.

More specifically, Catalina is around 9 inches (23 cm) tall right now, which is a little taller than Rhoda's head would be with more realistic proportions (and not including hair). Catalina looks smaller than 3/4 of a foot to me, even in panel 4, but that's what the numbers are, and that's where pocket size concern is coming from.

Out of curiosity, I did use a ruler to see if Catalina could fit in the pockets of the pants I'm wearing while writing this, and she could. Not completely concealed while standing, and possibly not comfortably, but she could. I'm wearing looser clothing than Rhoda, however, am a lot taller than her (which isn't saying much), and I'm male. Clothing manufacturer's believe men require massive space in their pockets for all the manly hammers and wrenches and such they're going to need on a daily basis.