Comic for Friday, Sep 16, 2016


Posted September 16, 2016 at 1:01 am

In the previous comic, I treated the fact that Rhoda can shrink things as common knowledge when it hasn't been very clearly established in the story. The last panel resulted in a lot of "what's the problem, the hole for the piercing will just get bigger, it's fine" feedback when my intent had been them referring to issues with shrinking.

So now here's the obligatory "we're blatantly pointing out that Rhoda can shrink things, too" comic, and the implication of Rhoda shrinking down and tackling a cupcake. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY

As for why she grew the boar when she has shrinking powers, it was the first time using her magic, it was on reflex, and she wound up doing the exact opposite of what she should have done as a result (though it worked out relatively well for her all the same, as it effectively stunned the boar).

That aspect of it was actually inspired by a moment from The Uncanny X-Men, which I might have mentioned before, but I can't remember. Anyway, this one guy had the power to increase people's mass, and used it to keep them from moving and fall through floors and stuff. At one point, Wolverine was diving down at him, and he used his powers on defensive reflex. This made Wolverine much heavier, and as the comic narration itself put it, it "was the last thing he should have done".