Comic for Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016


Posted September 6, 2016 at 12:49 am

I really wasn't sure how to end this storyline, or what was going to be next in EGS:NP. Filled with despair and a desire for a snack, I ate a doughnut

Miraculously, upon completing that doughnut, I knew how I wanted to conclude this storyline, and what the next storyline would be. One could safely and correctly assume it has something to do with Rhoda and Catalina and is a continuation of this storyline but from such a radically different perspective so as to justify it being treated as it's own storyline, but I'd rather keep you all in suspense, so I am confirming NOTHING.

But yeah, this storyline is / isn't continuing Wednesday. Sort of. You'll know what I mean if you don't already.