Comic for Friday, Jul 29, 2016


Posted July 29, 2016 at 1:01 am

And this, at least in part, is why I immediately grabbed on to this storyline when I thought of it. Combine Pandora's magic mark... Rampage? Let's go with rampage. Combine Pandora's magic mark rampage with Halloween emphasizing various yearnings, and you've got a premise I'm happy about.

At least until I have to draw the interior of a Halloween shop, at which point I will whine about not having a background artist minion.

It's been said repeatedly in the comic's history that immortals are limited to "empowering" and "guidance" when it comes to mortal interaction. This is technically incorrect, but for almost all intents and purposes that matter, it's all one needs to know.

Trick or Treating, for example, isn't a problem, assume all one does is go door to door, get candy, and at most do something that appears or sounds spooky if indulging in a trick. Were Pandora to TP someone's house, however, there could be a problem.