Comic for Friday, Jul 1, 2016


Posted July 1, 2016 at 1:01 am

Forgive me, fashion, for I have taken a ridiculous outfit and made it even more ridiculous. Or maybe praise me for that? Good and evil is difficult to discern as far as fashion goes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution begins with a whole bunch of exposition to set up the world it takes place in and its characters, but it's done well, so I'm not going to criticize it (besides which, those who live in glass houses). I will whine about most of it being unskippable on repeat playthroughs, however.

The Director's Cut

The director's cut of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a modified version of the game with the following additions:

- All DLC (including original preorder content) included
- Passively regenerate two energy bars instead of just one
- More options for boss fights

I've learned since starting this that a lot of people were under the impression that the director's cut added non-lethal options to the boss fights, but unless you count getting turrets to do your dirty work for you as "non-lethal", that's not the case. There are a lot of new options, and you can have a terrible build for combat and still win (when in the original gane you'd be in trouble), but the bosses still wind up dead as a direct result of your actions.

There is a way to at least defeat the first boss with non-lethal weaponry, but I'm not sure if it's specific to the director's cut, and it doesn't seem like something anyone intended. It basically just involves stun-locking them with EMP grenades and hitting them an absurd number of times with the stun gun, which I find dubious at best from a non-lethal perspective. Yeah, it's a "non-lethal" weapon, but given that just one stun gun shot is enough to knock out most characters indefinitely, I think that's some real damage being done, there.

All that, and the story demands they die. It would change a lot if you could let them live, particularly since they could then be interrogated and what-not.