Comic for Monday, Feb 15, 2016


Posted February 15, 2016 at 1:26 am

- Lack of support

Several people weren't quite sure what was happening in the panel of the previous comic, which I wasn't prepared for. I felt it was more than adequately clear that Ellen had removed Nanase's sweater dress, but I guess having it overlap with Grace made it more difficult to tell? Or the abruptness between the third and fourth panel, or maybe I didn't draw the dress well enough, or perhaps there's an ancient magical curse that...

WHATEVER! Hopefully it's clear now.

As much as I've grown fonder of the bird, I did my best to avoid using her in this comic. The only way to have her do her job and be comedic about it would be to put too much focus on the bird, which is admittedly an issue with her. She can be a fun bit of lampshading, sure, but that means she gets joke real estate.

Granted, the angelic tweeting bird frantically trying to adapt to this quickly escalating situation has potential, but I want to focus on the main characters, darn it! (Sorry, bird)

Obviously, she still managed to be visible in the last panel in spite of all that, as I wanted to show Grace's face, and the angelic tweeting bird made that staging simple.