Comic for Friday, Jun 19, 2015


Posted June 19, 2015 at 1:01 am

This comic really could have just been the first panel and it would've worked.

Anyway, there are many, MANY naming scenarios that could inspire this sort of frustration, but the most recent one for me was when I was trying to think what to name Robo on my own next playthrough of Chrono Trigger. I want to name him after a mech from the Gundam series known as Big Zam, but even if you take out the space, that's still too many letters. I'm currently favoring "BiZam".

I had originally written this comic with Grace also wanting to name Robo "Big Zam" with Tedd expressing confusion over what Big Zam even is, but I I felt too large a percentage of the readership would be as confused as Tedd and decided to go with something more generally accessible. My one regret is that this meant losing Grace saying "I don't know how to Zam".