Comic for Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015


Posted June 3, 2015 at 2:33 am

Oh hey, two characters on a couch talking about video games. Neat!

I had wanted to put some other comics between the previous comic and this one, but every other idea I had for an EGS:NP comic was sorta loose in my brain while this one was ready to go.

That's probably because, as with the previous comic this is totally based in reality. With some exceptions, the Wii U Virtual Console lets you change which buttons do what for old games, and I'm often tempted to try and change them around to better suit me. In hectic moments, however, I'll sometimes find myself hitting the default buttons on reflex, and suddenly my character is doing entirely the wrong thing at just the right moment to result in disaster.

That said, making it so I could use the pegasus boots in A Link To The Past by pressing "R"? NO REGRETS