Comic for Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Posted May 6, 2015 at 1:01 am

There's likely a snarky comment about health care to be made following this comic, but I'm not qualified to make it. Please speak your own if it suits you.

Pandora witnessing that moment really shouldn't surprise Sarah much. Pandora knew she'd used the spell, was able to deduce that Sarah had virtually switched bodies with Carol, and can be an active observer without anyone being able to sense her in any way.

That said, Sarah's kinda sorta focused on keeping a level head while having a conversation with a creepy little girl of tremendous power who is floating above her bed, so perhaps we can forgive her briefly not noticing two plus two equaled four.

A Couple Days

I expected it to take longer, too! The question mark was always intended to be Pandora trolling Sarah as a complete non-clue, but I figured it would take longer to get to it. I eventually reached the conclusion, however, that there is so much stuff going on in the overall story that, if I only let story stuff happen in the story comics, it would take absurdly long to get to anything.

I'd done some canon stuff in EGS:NP before, and I decided to do more. There'll be more like it in the future, too, but there will also be non-canon stuff, and standalone joke stuff, etc. I feel with the number of characters and plot lines we've got going right now, being able to shoot out some canon in EGS:NP is a wonderful thing.

Granted, some people are clearly not as excited as I am, and I've received some metaphorical raised eyebrows, but I'm excited, at least.