Comic for Monday, Apr 6, 2015


Posted April 6, 2015 at 1:01 am

Story comic ASAP Monday (I will put a stop to this "ASAP posting" madness, well, ASAP. One more day of it, at least)

- Not actually touching (close, but nope)

I wanted to given Amanda and Lisa some sort of send-off, and a lot of people were concluding that touch was a factor in that whole body-switching dealie, so clarifying that it's not was just a bonus.

Granted, this leaves a bunch of questions unanswered, but answering new questions wasn't really the point. This was about clarifying what had been shown. One could argue against providing an explanation like this and just showing what the spell does, but that's kinda sorta exactly what I tried to do in the first place, so... Yeah. All I can really take away from that is "SHOW HARDER NEXT TIME".

In any case, some understanding of the spell is about to matter in part 3 (back to canon), and on the plus side, we got adorable chibiness out of this! Which someone said they didn't care for, but that's fine, and resulted in this exchange on Twitter: