Comic for Friday, Mar 27, 2015


Posted March 27, 2015 at 1:01 am

I think a lot of people would claim that they absolutely would not use such an ability to give themselves more time to figure out answers on a standardized test (or worse). I also think a lot of people also don't have this ability, and that it's super easy to claim one wouldn't do something when it's literally impossible for them to do it.

Incidentally, I promise to never jump over a three story building.

As previously threatened--I mean, mentioned, the next part of this storyline will clarify just what the heck Sarah's spell does. I feel it necessary given some of the responses I've been getting, and I will make it as amusing as possible. People have suggested just doing that when Tedd sees the spell, but trust me, there are at least two darn good reasons I'm not waiting for that (to be elaborated upon someday).

And in the spirit of that, I may as well say this: Panel two is how the actual physical Sarah looks while using the spell. I was hoping to make that more apparent, but I admit the greyscale makes it a little less obvious than I'd like that she's back in her bedroom in that panel.