Comic for Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015


Posted February 4, 2015 at 1:01 am

As I've mentioned, me no like zombies. They're gross. I clearly needed to draw some zombies for this, however, so I made like Plants Vs Zombies and came up with a design that got the point across without being too horrific, and could basically be used for every zombie with minor variation.

And by "design", I mean I drew that one in the lower left of panel two, said "that works", and drew the rest of them to be nearly identical.

How This Got Started

Susan's idea is the thought I'd had on my mind for a while that wound up inspiring this storyline. Specifically, I'd wondered if anything similar to her idea had been done on The Walking Dead. I have not watched the show, or read the comic books, but I am familiar with the Telltale Games series.

Given enough time and the resources necessary, I figure some sort of trench, or perhaps system of clearly marked, but otherwise hidden, pits (I'm assuming the zombies can't read), would be obstacles zombies wouldn't do well against. They'd need to be finished off, sure, but I think they'd be trapped short of amassing enough fallen zombies to form a ramp or something.

The response on Twitter was that something like that had been attempted on The Walking Dead, and that it could've worked just fine, but people messed it up somehow. That pretty much sounds like The Walking Dead in a nutshell to me.