Comic for Monday, Dec 15, 2014


Posted December 15, 2014 at 1:01 am

 That's little Nase in Nanase's hands in the last panel, just in case it isn't clear to anyone. It seems pretty clear to me, but I wrote and drew the darn thing. It can be hard to judge that sometimes.

You know, I thought this storyline was almost at the finish line. I really did! And it IS much closer to the end than the start, but some... THINGS occurred to me over the weekend, and this short story is destined to be even less short than it was going to be.

What exactly occurred to me? STAY--Wait, how many times have I done the "stay tunred, oh wait this isn't television" bit? Approximately 6,782 times? Huh. Well, in any case. I will address what occurred to me as it's revealed.

All the same, I really do enjoy them just hanging out and messing around with magic and stuff. Hopefully people agree with that and will offer me high fives right? Right? High fives? Yeah, high fives.