Comic for Friday, Dec 5, 2014


Posted December 5, 2014 at 1:04 am

 "Hey, Dan! You ever thought about adding comments to your site?"


"...That a no?"


"That's a no."


Not that I discourage feedback! There are plenty of ways to contact me directly, and there's even a Facebook page and a group (and more in The Extras). Comments on the site itself, though? No. Do not want.

Unless my commentary counts as comments, then just those comments, but why would commentary count as comments? Stop speaking nonsense.

Some people view disabling comments as censorship, but it's really not. Nobody is obligated to provide space for others to say stuff. They can say whatever they want about whatever, but you don't have to provide the podium. Censorship would be more like if they were commening on their own site and someone tried to somehow silence them.