Comic for Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009


Posted December 29, 2009 at 1:00 am
Every myth in this comic, valid or not, is based on actual e-mails. Panel two is an over-simplification of what was asked, but one and three are simply paraphrased to fit the comic. I've gotten quite a few "myths" that have sounded less like myths and more like people wanting to see something in particular. That's not exactly an unforgivable sin, but it means more work for me if I want to do something with a genuine myth *sniff*

I think I'd heard of the elbow myth before, but it was an e-mail from someone named Myles who reminded me of it for TF Busters. I thank them not only for the reminder, but for sending a non-EGS-specific myth. It's kind of cool to be addressing something outside of in-house mythology. Granted, it's physically impossible to kiss one's own elbow, so they're not having much luck testing it, but at least they're trying!

I actually prefer avoiding putting the characters in overly-skimpy outfits these days, but I think I possibly should've drawn Grace in something skimpier in panel two. I say this because it looks more like I'm making fun of eighties fashion than anything else. Tedd looks adequately ridiculous, but Grace looks sort of cool (by my warped standards, at any rate).

So, yeah. My apologies to anyone who has ever had awesome eighties fashion and/or huge, poofy hair. I used panel two as an excuse to draw Tedd and Grace with silly--er, cool clothes and hair, and I don't mean to imply that anyone who looks like that is a bimbo.

Frankly, I don't want to imply anyone is a bimbo. It's a generalization that is insulting and, in some cases, makes people dismissive of other peoples' behavioral issues when those people could genuinely use some help.

...Oh, uh... Look! Tedd's lost his balance! WHEE!

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