Comic for Monday, Feb 19, 2018


Posted February 19, 2018 at 1:00 am

- When Rhoda met Catalina via angry boar and falling out of a tree

Catalina landing that way makes sense. Rhoda's position makes less sense, but I think it's funny, darn it.

Without thinking

When you tend to overthink everything, doing something on impulse can be refreshing (if potentially dangerous).

Which is something I sort of wanted to get into with the Ditzy form, but never found a good spot for it. More specifically, the potential appeal of a form in which you're not overthinking and free of all worry or cares for a bit while in a safe environment in which you can get away with that without consequence.

If you're like me and regularly deal with invasive thoughts and having trouble getting off trains of thought, the appeal is apparent.