Comic for Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017


Posted December 27, 2017 at 7:32 pm

I was goingt to, in all seriousness, admit to this particular comic being pandering. When I double checked the definiton, however, it specified "immoral" and "distasteful", and I disagree strongly with that. People might find this weird, or think those apply according to their own perspective, sure, but that's their business. I'm not going to call it that.

I WILL, however, say this is indulgent. That's fair. I'm down with THAT vicious accusation, because it's totes true, darn it.

Everyone is still in character (though panel four MIGHT be slightly affected by "Ditzy"), of course, and stuff certainly went on during "mirror time" that could be shown.

One of the reasons I'm bothering to actually show it, however, is to show off these forms without having to rely on the player pieces, which wouldn't be as convenient as in previous comics for a few reasons when we actually get back to the game itself.


Susan is still taller than Ashley. This comic winds up making Susan look shorter in panel three, but it's just a more zoomed out view. This is apparent from closely observing the relative size of the mirror between panels and what-not, but at a glance? Yeah.

So long as I'm clarifying drawing stuff, Rhoda is totally holding a brush in panel two.