Comic for Friday, Dec 15, 2017


Posted December 15, 2017 at 1:28 am

- "Escalation"

Susan's hands are bigger and furrier in this form, which probably makes handling the cards a little more awkward all the same, but still.

A great many outfits from family friendly cartoons IMMEDIATELY become inappropriate if worn by an actual human person without some manner of modification.

I actually was considering having the furry form just use fur for coverage, but then I considered whether I wanted to have multiple comics of that, and the fact that it's clearly too warm for longer winter coats, etc, and I turned into Captain Picard yelled "the line must be drawn HERE!", and smashed a bunch of little ships. Then I ate a candy bar and was back to normal again.

The previous paragraph contains an example very specific referential, which I went out of my way to avoid while writing this comic. I do make reference to any number of cartoon characters, but I didn't want to single any of them out, and I figure nearly everyone can think of one example on their own without me throwing out an example that might confuse them.

Granted, some of the best examples are more widely recognized than Jesus, but I don't particularly want to make direct mention of them in this context.