Comic for Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017


Posted December 6, 2017 at 1:31 am

Does it even need to be said who's whispering in panel two?

As I've probably mentioned, clothing cards tend to have the most complicated and unique effects, and the Golden Cheerleader is among them. It's not really an effect that's beneficial to the the person transformed, as it's literally just giving her opponents card advantage.

Were Rhoda more concerned with actually winning, the best move might've been transforming herself on her turn. The Saint Bernard card has an effect involving the option to remove a 1-type form if on the same space, which is way less likely to benefit her opponents, and it would've replaced the Golden Cheerleader card without removing the Busty card.

Granted, I'd be fine with her removing that, I've sort of gotten tired of all the bustiness at the moment, BUT FROM A STRATEGIC PERSPECTIVE, that card's a keeper as long as possible.

2 and 3-type cards are also more likely to have effects that benefit other players more than the one transformed, hence OTHER players drawing cards for Golden Cheerleader, and everyone having the option to remove 1-type cards if on the same space as Saint Bernard.

Using one 2 or 3-type card also means drawing fewer cards at the end of your turn (since you used 1 instead of 2-3 and you draw up to a minimum hand size), so there are a couple ways the advanced purchase power of those cards is balanced out, and the card drawing one applies even if transforming another player.