Comic for Wednesday, Aug 30, 2017


Posted August 30, 2017 at 1:00 am

I suspect there's a number of things Hanma could be legitmately referencing in panel four, but I was thinking of Sailor Moon when I wrote it. The protagonist is given the means to transform into a Sailor Scout, prompted to do so, and flung into battle with very little preparation or explanation by a talking cat.

Granted, when a talking cat gives you jewelry and babbles on about fighting evil and such, you're not ENTIRELY going into the situation blind. There aren't many solid conclusions to be reached at that point, but there are very loud and valid suspicions to be had.

On the other hand, fourteen. I imagine I did some things with less foresight at that age.

Of course, Hanma's right in panel two, at least when it comes to many fictional adventures. What's proper in reality and what makes for a good story often doesn't overlap well.


If you're reading this in the future, you probably didn't even notice that a Monday was skipped. Well, a Monday, WAS skipped, and it was due to hardware issues delaying production. I haven't the skills (or nerve) to fix it myself, so it's been an interesting few days, and I've gotten myself set up making comics on something else while my primary comic creation device is hammered back into shape.

As for the missing Monday comic, I've decided to have two comics in one day this upcoming Monday. It was going to be Friday, but after consideration of what else I have going on this week and the fact that there's a weekend before it, Monday makes sooooo much more sense.