Comic for Monday, Aug 7, 2017


Posted August 7, 2017 at 3:57 pm

The answer is "a lot".

That curse thing (right out of Ranma 1/2) could be done without breaking immortal law if she could convince herself the curse was empowerment, but she’d have to honestly believe that. She couldn’t just create an argument for it that might convince someone else. Her actual intent would have to be “this is empowering them”, not “if anyone asks, this is empowering them”.

While I don't plan on revealing Hanma's exact age (or am even sure of it myself), it's been suggested to me that she should have last reset during the 90s, and found herself in the middle the explosion of anime popularity that happened in the USA back then. That 100% makes sense to me, and fits with the general canon that she's significantly older than "new" Jerry while not being at an age that would make her overly powerful.

You may have noticed that I said "canon" in the last paragraph in spite of this storyline being non-canon. The storyline's not canon, but Hanma definitely is. She has to be. Just look at that face. She can't be stuck in non-canonville forever. I don't know if she'll have much to DO in canon, mind, but she's out there, somewhere, being all officially canon and what-not.

Well, that, and there can be a canon to the non-canon, if you get my meaning. NONETHELESS, I felt it important to establish that Hanma exists in canon.