Comic for Friday, Aug 4, 2017


Posted August 4, 2017 at 2:37 am

Clearly, this immortal making an artifact of her own was where we were going to wind up, but darn it, LIFE IS ABOUT THE JOURNEY

Speaking of "this immortal", I'm plotting to name her "Hanma". Hanma is essentially Japanese for "Hammer", but it should be "Hanmā", which I believe means holding the last "a" sound a bit longer. How long a syllable is held in Japanese can completely change the meaning of a word, which adds to the learning curve for English speakers learning the language.

This is basically why Hanma's Japanese is "poorly spoken" in general. This hasn't been addressed anywhere in detail yet, but as an immortal, she knows the words of pretty much any language and can passably speak them, but it takes additional effort (and/or inherited memory from a previous life) to sound like they're actually from a given place and say everything properly.